New Service Saves Time Searching for Freelance Jobs

There are so many jobs posted on Upwork every day, it is near impossible to look through them all. Who can afford to spend that much time trying to find writing jobs that are worth bidding on? Even when you set up a special, limited search, the list of writing jobs go on for pages and pages.

A few weeks ago, I tried out a new service that is designed to save you time and quickly find the Upwork jobs that you most want to see. It’s called Periodix.

What Is Periodix

Periodix is a new online service that is meant to simplify the freelance job search. Designed to save time spent pouring through thousands of online job listings, Periodix creates a feed of personalized job matches. Every user’s personalized profile accounts for their skills, countries of work, and hourly rate, then the profile is used to find jobs that match those specifications. Each job listing includes budget, client rating, and location to create a clear picture of each project. Periodix even has a feature for small businesses and teams to link their accounts and match multiple teammates skills from one place.

How It Saves Time

Right now, Periodox connects to your Upwork profile and Upwork’s sea of potential job listings. Periodix eliminates the arduous task of sifting through job listings that may not even pertain to one's price preference or skills. Using an up-vote and down-vote system, Periodix learns each user’s preferences and will, over time, produce better and better matches based on your feedback. A specialized algorithm even rates the success probability by generating a projected percentage of getting the job based on your skills compared with other applicants interested in the same listings.

A five-star employer rating system allows previous employee feedback be reflected in each listing. By enabling the user to rate their experience with each company, users have an effortless time choosing jobs that are rated well. If employment interests change in the future, job parameter editing with Periodix is an easy profile update. Once new job parameters go into effect, the feed will only display what's currently in the user's personalized interest, even further narrowing the search for the perfect jobs.

Using personalized profiles and artificial intelligence, Periodix is offering a faster way for freelancers to sort through the penny-payers and find the gold in online job listings. Check it out and let me know what you think.