What’s the Connection Between Freelancing and God’s Heart?

A friend asked me what my tagline meant: “Living the Freelance Life and Listening for the Heartbeat of God.” They were particularly interested in the second half, “listening for the heartbeat of God.” In explaining to them what that phrase meant to me, I realized that most people would see these two things, freelancing and God, as separate and disconnected. (Please notice that I am not saying “religion.” That’s different from God, whom I see as a being or person, not a religious belief.)

For me, the connecting point between freelancing and God’s heart is the word “freedom.”

Living in Freedom

My God, as I know him, has always been a source of freedom for me. Through my relationship with him I have become free to:

  • Love myself
  • Forgive myself
  • Love others more deeply
  • Believe in myself
  • BE myself
  • Embrace those who believe differently
  • Respond rather than react
  • Live a life of adventure
  • Give from the abundance of my heart

So, my relationship with my God, my creator, has given me spiritual and personal freedom, something you can’t buy. This freedom has been imparted to me instantly in some cases and gradually taught and encouraged in others. These are freedoms that I continue to grow in and embrace more fully each day. Freedom, I believe, is a central passion of God’s heart.

The Freedom of the Freelance Life

Living the freelance life has been the fulfillment of a longing - a longing for a flexible timetable and a more fulfilling purpose in my pursuit of “making a living.” When my daughter needs Mom to come for a few weeks to her home 2,000 miles away, I don’t have to ask for vacation time. I can pack up my laptop and relocate my “office” to her house. I can take time off during the week and make up the time over the weekend, if I choose. I can accept an assignment or reject it. It’s totally up to me. That’s the freedom I enjoy from freelancing.

I am living a life of freedom and adventure in both the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Oh, the stories I have to tell about how the two intertwine! Wonderful, beautiful, freedom stories.

Listening for the Heartbeat

Oh, and the listening part? The “heartbeat of God” is his whisper, where he invites me to join him in what he’s already doing, what he’s passionate about. Actually, it’s usually a “who” not a what. Follow his heartbeat. It will always lead you to people, wonderfully, unique people.

Does any of this connect with you?

Live free. Live loved. Keep listening.