You Haven't Posted a Blog in Six Months?! Shame on (Me).

Wow. Um. Sorry. I guess I got a little distracted with the business side of things. I really have been busy, I promise. Let's see. What are the highlights?

1. Two brand new websites.

I decided it was time to establish a niche for my writing instead of being a generalist business writer. So, I had a brand new Crafter of Words website designed that focuses just on website copy as my specialty. Since that new site is "all about me," I created a second website that focuses on my blogging team and their services. It's called (Check them out.)

2. Editing a Non-Fiction Book for a Professional

Last summer I hired a project manager and a bookkeeper to take a load of administrative tasks off of me. This has freed me up to do more writing and editing tasks myself. In the next week, I should finish the final draft of a manuscript I've been editing for a professional at NASA. Once it's on its way to publication later this year, I'll release more details. You'll want to read it, I'm sure.

3. Taking a Self-Publishing Course

Just started this about a month ago. I have learned so much! (And, yes, I've started working on a book.) The course is called Self-Publishing School. It's amazing! Everything from how to write your introduction to how to pick out categories and keywords on Amazon. Here's my affiliate link incase you want to check it out for yourself.  Self Publishing School promo.   Also, I'm doing a give-away of a package of four self-publishing books (Ends May 31,2017). If you haven't seen it or signed up yet, here's the link for that: Self-Publishing Resources Giveaway

4. Joined BNI (Business Networking International)

Almost forgot about this one. I joined BNI last November. I've really never tried local networking groups before. Most of my clients are not even in my home state. It's been a great experience. I have connected with some great people and have even gotten some new clients through the BNI network. If you have a BNI group in your area, I would encourage you to visit it. They love newcomers.

There! I have added a post to my poor neglected blog and all of you faithful readers now know some of what I've been up to.

Whoops! One more!

5. Started a series on my Crafter of Words blog called "My Favorite Entrepreneurs."

I love stories about innovative, free-thinking entrepreneurs. I'll be adding more shortly.  Read them here.

Thanks for reading.

I'll try not to neglect you nearly as long this time.