I have used lots of resources and tools over the years that have helped me with my writing career. You find many of them listed on this page, along with courses or other products that I believe might be beneficial to you.

There are affiliate links on this page for some of the items. That means that if you do make a purchase through a link for which I have an affiliate account, I might have some money deposited into my affiliate account. Just sayin’.




Need someone to keep you from getting distracted? Timedoctor does that, plus tracks your time on your projects. If you stop using your mouse and keyboard, or visit Facebook, a message will pop up to ask you if you are still working on the project you were logging time to. I love this program! Teams can use it too.


Get online signatures securely through Adobe Acrobat's program. PDF contracts, W-9's and other forms can be stored in your online library for quick emailing for signatures. The program tracks each document and sends you the signed copy for your records. It is simple and easy for you and your clients to use.


Evernote is my virtual file cabinet. But it’s features go way beyond that. You can tag items and/or put them in folders. Not sure where you put it? The internal search is AMAZING. Here are some the things you can do with Evernote:

  • Use browser “Clipper” to save articles, screenshots and website pages to folders in Evernote as you do research

  • Send emails you want to save into Evernote and delete from your inbox

  • Record audio files (I used that to record interviews for magazine articles)

  • Email items out of Evernote that you want to share

  • Create and save video

  • Create task lists



For the most comprehensive and versatile (and easy to use) bookkeeping system, I recommend QuickBooks Online. Your program is always up to date; your accountant can access it securely when needed; you can receive credit card and bank transfer payments online from your clients, and even pay your bills direct from QuickBooks. 



You have to apply and be accepted to work on Scripted. That means there is less competition and good pay. Scripted also will focus on your areas of expertise – business, medical, legal, accounting, marketing etc.



There are some big fish swimming with all the minnows on UpWork. Having an UpWork profile with good feedback from a few clients can get you noticed by the quality clients who are willing to pay top dollar for quality work.



Using the most current version of MS Word is a must for a professional writer. Don’t settle for anything less. And, learn how to use the tools like Track Changes, Hyperlinks, Find & Replace and Heading styles.



Do you tend to fall into passive voice too often? How about the overuse of adverbs or those long run-on sentences? Are those problem areas? HemmingwayApp will let you know how you’re doing in all those areas. Plus, it will tell you if you’re getting too high-brow in your vocabulary. (It should be under 8th grade reading level for most online purposes.)